Grand Designs Home Collection – 50% off cushions

Block hot pink Block yellow Block neon coral Block navy  Monaco Block turquoise Taj yellow Maya navy hampton navyGeo yellow neon coal Geo sticks yellow Mayan yellow Sahara neon coral Geo turquoise neon coral Sahara turquoiseSahara cactus Geometric black & Grey Geometric navy

What I like about it: I often get asked about cushions, how to choose them and how to style them. I love cushions and can’t help but get new ones every season. How do I go about it? Cushions are accessories, you need to choose them after everything else is in place… ( sofa,  bed linen, chair or bench, rug etc…) Then it is a matter of choosing your colour scheme and varying size and pattern.

Above are a few of my favourite from Grand Designs Home Collections. They have bold colours and patterns and will be quite easily to mix and match. I like to have a variety of cushions but I find that having 2 or 3 identical cushions in the mix provide an element of cohesiveness.

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Sale ends: 31/08/2015

Date published: 04/08/2015